All must stand united

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
19 February 2015

The decision of the High Court to imprison Bernie Hughes, Michael Batty and Derek Byrne for 28 days and Damien O’Neill and Paul Moore for 56 days is a blatant attempt by the state to bully communities that are resisting the water charges, in particular those opposed to the installation of water meters. The jailing of these five activists is the latest attempt by the state to break the resistance of working-class communities throughout the country. 
     The trade union movement and all those opposed to the water charges must now mobilise in the defence of community activists and community resistance and to oppose these attempts to criminalise activists and whole communities. 
     The imposition of water charges, preparing the ground for privatisation, is part of the Europe-wide attack on public services and assault on working-class communities. 
     The Communist Party of Ireland calls for the maximum unity to ensure that these activists and the communities they represent are not isolated but rather to let them know that they are not alone and that they have the support and solidarity of all those who oppose water charges.