Solidarity with our nurses!

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
9 February 2019

Thousands of nurses and supporters marched through Dublin today, bringing the city to a standstill in a massive show of strength and solidarity. 
     Nurses travelled to Dublin from all over the country in a militant, united display for the continuing strikes for higher pay and improved working conditions. Along with the nurses, working people turned out in solidarity, as did other trade unions, including Mandate (which represents low-paid retail workers), the Communications Workers’ Union, teachers’ unions, and Unite. 
     Working people rallied in solidarity with the nurses. As the massive demonstration snaked its way through the city, working people out shopping stood on the footpaths to cheer the workers on. 
     Today’s demonstration follows two days of strikes, and an establishment media onslaught against the nurses. The dispute has crystallised a deep frustration among workers from a decade or more of “austerity,” imposed upon working people by the European Union, in co-operation with the current and past Irish governments. 
     Irish communists took part in the demonstration under the banner of Communities Against Low Pay, a grass-roots organisations that mobilises local communities in support of workers and their trade unions that are involved in strikes against low pay, zero-hour contracts, and precarious employment. 
     The Communist Party of Ireland, in a statement of solidarity, congratulated the nurses in “holding firm despite pressure from the establishment and their mass misinformation campaign. This dispute needs the support of all trade unions and all working people.” It went on to call on working people to remain resolute and united, not to be confused by either the Government’s divide-and-rule strategy or the confusing machinations by certain elements of the trade union leadership. 
     The nurses have planned a further three days of strikes for this coming week.