Working people should not be fooled

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 

9 February 2013

The Communist Party of Ireland states that working people should not be fooled by the bluff and spin being carried out by governments and EU spin-doctors. 
      This is not a deal that will change anything in reality for the lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish families now struggling to keep a roof over their heads or put food on the table. 
      As we have pointed out for some time. the Irish internal troika (Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Labour Party), representing the Irish economic elite, has been and continues to be committed to paying this odious debt. no matter what the cost to the people. They see no other role for themselves than as junior partners to the imperialist powers: witness their constant declarations of loyalty to the European Union. 
      They are happy to sacrifice the nation’s sovereignty to the interests of the capitalist class and the elite of our society. The government is blatantly seeking to buy time—not a solution to the country’s debt. This deal serves the international finance houses, not the Irish people. 
      They have got themselves more time and perhaps a cosmetic victory of sorts (accidentally or otherwise) in time for today’s demonstration. The external troika, representing international finance capital, has got what it wanted: Ireland immersed in debt slavery for an even longer time. 
      This supposed deal has copperfastened the debt burden on the backs of our people and has simply transformed the promissory notes into sovereign bonds, making it very difficult for the Irish people to reverse this debt slavery. Our destiny as a people is now firmly locked into one of control and domination by the European Union and the ECB. 
      There is no solution but repudiation of this odious debt: it is simply unpayable. Permanent debt servitude means permanent poverty and permanent austerity for the Irish people.