Gníomh dlúthpháirtíochta ag ambasáid Chúba in Áth Cliath

A solidarity action in support of the Cuban people was held outside the Cuban embassy on Westland Square on July 14. Dozens of activists from across the country made their way to Dublin on very short notice to express their steadfast support for the Cuban Revolution. Chants of “Unblock Cuba!” deplored the United States’ criminal embargo against the island, as the Yankee imperialists fund and direct sham “protests” in Havana.

Millions of Cubans have heeded the recent call of President Díaz-Canel to march in defence of the Revolution, and in opposition to the attempts by foreign powers to destabilise the country, although the complicit media in Ireland and elsewhere have failed to report on this.

The people of Cuba are no strangers to adversity and have coped heroically with the blockade of their country for over 60 years. We have no doubt that they will see off the latest attempt to undermine socialism in Cuba. We call on the working class of Ireland to show solidarity with Cuba, and not to be fooled by the imperialist narrative, nor the “third position” preached by ultra-left elements, who support every revolution – except the ones that succeed.