Ráiteas dlúthpháirtíochta le Feisirí de Phairlimint na hEorpa, Clare Daly agus Mick Wallace

We would like to express our solidarity with Clare Daly MEP and Mick Wallace MEP. Forces within the so-called “European Parliament” want to silence them. They want to prevent them from speaking out against EU imperialism and US imperialism globally, especially with regard to the role of these imperialist forces in Latin America.

Both Clare and Mick have been election observers at a number of recent elections in Latin America. They challenged the dishonest narrative peddled by the EU regarding many of these elections results and challenged their imperialist propaganda on the floor of parliament. Both have been to the fore in criticising the growing militarism of the EU. They have and do speak truth to power and imperialism inside that phoney institution of imperial control: the EU parliament.

Given that Clare and Mick have stood in solidarity with the oppressed from Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Colombia, as well as giving steadfast support to the people of Cuba, we express our solidarity with these two courageous friends and comrades.