Breithiúnas cúirte i gcás Juilan Assange

The decision by the British High Court to allow the extradition of Julian Assange should not come as a big surprise to Irish people. Many of our fellow citizens have suffered greatly at its hands.

There are many who still labour under the Illusion of the “great British justice system.”

The first and foremost role, the bottom line of law and the judicial process, is to protect the system. Law is but congealed politics.

The British and USA could not allow Julian Assange to go unpunished. He exposed their lies and their war strategies. He exposed the Western hypocrisy as well as the ideological role of Western media – which is neither free nor neutral.

Their role is to reinforce the dominant world view. They repeat daily the mantra – that their is no alternative to capitalism.

Where are the voices of Irish journalists demanding justice for a very principled journalist? RTE, the Irish state controlled media, managed to give a brief mention 20 minutes into the 6pm news bulletin earlier that Julian Assange was to be extradited to the USA.

His extradition comes as the USA convened “Democracy Summit” ended. A gathering of well recognised “democracies” such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, narco-terrorist state of Colombia, the neo-fascist from Brazil and his ideological brother Modi of India. Never mind the USA itself, a country run by two parties of capital and enemies of the working class. The French government, also in attendance, is currently engaged in a number of colonial wars in Africa. But of course, none of our freedom loving objective journalists drew attention to these gross and glaring contradictions.

Western media dutifully repeats whatever narrative is peddled by the White House – that China and Russia are the central enemy, that we need to build a New Cold War to protect “democracy” and so on. Yellow journalism is alive and writing nonsense!